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July Flame (Overture)

After such a great delay it seemed only right that, instead of a Tapes on Tuesday posting, I “pen” a suitably belated Tapes on Twednesday.  A hectic summer found me flailing in a music-less abyss akin only to purgatory, which I hear is torturous.  However, I have now regained access to civilisation by way of the internet, and cannot envisage a more apt (if rusty) resumption of our services than by sharing a pre-released two-track taster of Laura Veirs‘ new record, July Flame, available on January 12th 2010.

The first of these, ‘I Can See Your Tracks’, revisits the country and bluegrass terrain of the earlier records Troubled by the Fire and The Triumphs and Travails of Orphan Mae, and, although exhibiting the worrying symptom of unnecessary and dangerous hints of the woes of Fleet Foxes in the chorus, ‘some kind of crazy wind’ appears ‘to chase them into oblivion.’

The title track, July Flame,  speaks more of Year of Meteors, layering the oneric effects of ‘Galaxies’ with the sheer simplicity of ‘Magnetized’.  ‘Sweet summer peach, high up the branch, just out of my reach,’ Veirs laments, and I join in asking July Flame, ‘can I call you mine?’

Not until January 12th 2010 (unless you are in North America, that is).  Please purchase the record and associated merchandise (I bagged myself a songbook, the Two Beers Veirs EP I missed out on when she toured, and a July Flame t-shirt) from the Raven Marching Band website, which is the most direct way to support Laura Veirs.


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