Yeah but be honest, there are no funny women stand-ups, are there?

Err, in short, yes there are, fool! And here are the videos to prove it. I’m overlooking the proliferation of idiotic comments that inevitably get left after any clip of a woman comedian, which generally take one of two themes: a) it hasn’t got a penis so I won’t laugh at it, or b) it hasn’t got a penis but, luckily for it, I quite fancy lending it mine.

Consider this a cheat sheet for the next time you meet a comedy neanderthal whose idea of an amusing act is some prick taking the piss out of an accountant in the front row for half an hour before engaging in a series of poorly-constructed stories whose raison d’etre is some sort of wank mime.

Or worse, Jimmy Carr.

Ava Vidal

Hils Barker

Josie Long

Liz Bentley

Shappi Khorsandi

Sarah Millican

Kerry Godliman

Isy Suttie

*** update: more funny women (a history lesson) (thanks Rich) ***

Josie Lawrence

Victoria Wood

Phyllis Diller

Jo Brand

Smack the Pony



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6 responses to “Yeah but be honest, there are no funny women stand-ups, are there?

  1. I think that it’s said that there are no funny female comedians just because the comedy circuit is so predominately male.

    I was lucky enough to see Sarah Millican last night (, she was the headline act, and definitely stole the show.

  2. I think things are looking better for female comedians, as I hope this post has shown. Sarah Millican is one of the leaders in the turnaround, along with Josie Long – 2 indisputably funny female people. You only have to look at the begrudging comments on Sarah Millican’s YouTube clips, which usually read along the lines of, ‘she’s pretty funny for a woman’, and ‘actually that was quite good’. There’s still a lot of ‘phwoar she’s fit’/’I’d definitely give her one’ which you don’t find on clips of male comedians, but as I said, I think it’s getting slowly better.

  3. We can only hope. I really want to see Josie Long live, so fingers crossed that she appears somewhere near me soon!

  4. Hooray! I’ve just got tickets to see Josie Long & Robin Ince in the Darwin Birthday Spectacular in December ( – comedy & evolution, I can’t wait.

  5. Good going! Josie Long is excellent live, and very high up in the evolutionary chain of comics! You’ll have a fab time I’m sure. You should blog a review.

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