Feminist egg on his foolish face

A certain co-blogger of mine would be far too modest to blog her own moment of feminist triumph, so I presume to relate the tale on her behalf, as a Friday-sized dose of feelgood feminism.

The scene: evening in a busy restaurant, where the Blogger Who Shall Not Be Named works waiting tables when her nose is not firmly lodged in the Renaissance. Zoom in on a table of garrulous wealthy white American males, who have just finished eating.

Blogger who shall not be named: Excuse me, I’m afraid I can’t reach your plate, could you pass it to me please?

Honky alpha male American: (does not respond)

BWSNBN: excuse me…

Honky alpha male American: I’m sorry, I was just thinking about the amazing sex we’re going to have later.

BWSNBN: What, all of you?

(Honky alpha male American turns a satisfying shade of puce at the twin concepts of, like, totally emasculating man-sex AND  being outwitted by a walking vagina)

Sometimes it’s fun to play morons at their own game.



Filed under Hilarity, Thank Fuck It's Feminism Friday

2 responses to “Feminist egg on his foolish face

  1. clamorousvoice

    AMAZING. In my personal opinion as a walking vagina, of course. Can I repost this? It deserves more audiences!

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