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Feminist egg on his foolish face

A certain co-blogger of mine would be far too modest to blog her own moment of feminist triumph, so I presume to relate the tale on her behalf, as a Friday-sized dose of feelgood feminism.

The scene: evening in a busy restaurant, where the Blogger Who Shall Not Be Named works waiting tables when her nose is not firmly lodged in the Renaissance. Zoom in on a table of garrulous wealthy white American males, who have just finished eating.

Blogger who shall not be named: Excuse me, I’m afraid I can’t reach your plate, could you pass it to me please?

Honky alpha male American: (does not respond)

BWSNBN: excuse me…

Honky alpha male American: I’m sorry, I was just thinking about the amazing sex we’re going to have later.

BWSNBN: What, all of you?

(Honky alpha male American turns a satisfying shade of puce at the twin concepts of, like, totally emasculating man-sex AND  being outwitted by a walking vagina)

Sometimes it’s fun to play morons at their own game.



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Blue Lips

As the sensible readers amongst you will already know, Regina Spektor has announced the release date for her new album ‘Far’ as 23/06/09.  I love Regina as much as the next crazed obsessive, but what should have been the most pleasurable 3 minutes of my life for the last year, the myspace debut of the album version of ‘Blue Lips’, instead bordered on despair.  My expectations of unadulterated, lusciously flowing piano were smashed to smithereens at the moment in which the fancy producer appears to have decided that Regina, The (pension-collecting) Eagles, and a Gypsy Kings cover band with swine flu would be a musical delight.  The result is approximately 45 seconds of pure bliss almost erased from memory by a calypso ‘Hotel California’ played by hispanic gypsies with palsied rhythm.  Let’s begin to hope that she tours alone…

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