Parenthetical Girls

In lieu of an ill-fated Tapes on Tuesday, meet the Parenthetical Girls in their video for ‘A Song for Ellie Greenwich’ from their soon to be reviewed album, Entanglements.  I imagine that this is what would happen in one of Gene Wilder’s dreams in which Willy Wonka covers ‘Close to You’ by The Carpenters in the golden egg factory, with beautiful people, retro couture, and syncopation to match.



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3 responses to “Parenthetical Girls

  1. This is like Stereolab channelled through the brain of a boring person, with precisely none of the joy, charisma, or valid political/philosophical content that make that band great, and if I wanted to see a twat in a tanktop staggering flaccidly around in a pool of self-created postmodern faux-shock like an arts student who’s just been told they have to write a 5000-word essay I’d just book a ticket to see Foals.

    I should write more reviews in realtime. 😛

  2. disconaplondon


    Been reading the blog on and off, came back just in time today to experience the Foals commentary. More reviews indeed! I miss your mix cds by post service as I am very musically uninspired these days.

    xx Satu

  3. My mixtape services can be enlisted any time you like! Though I too am going through a bit of a crunch at the moment. Have you heard of a band called Big Tree? I think you would like them. xx

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