Feminist Irritations – Additions Welcome

Realising that I ordinarily mount a full-scale humourless attack on a hopelessly offensive article I thought it may be refreshing to publish a simple list of my current top five feminist irritations.

05. “Man-size” tissues – because men inevitably suffer from worse colds than women, and it would simply be indelicate for a lady’s dainty hand or face to be smothered by such a vulgar item.

04. Dog ball throwing sticks (for which this is clearly the technical name)  – since, despite now being eligible to walk larger dogs (only if effectively mastered), women are wholly incapable of providing sufficient exercise for their pets without the aid of a plastic arm extension which, if released at the correct point in its trajectory, will throw a ball as far as a man could.  Obviously, women never do this, which explains the short distances as opposed to it becoming a reflection on men’s abilities.

03. The gendered sections of The Times – must be destroyed, but this will take time.

02. Patronising winks – inspired by the related experiences of a friend of mine.  The “little lady” or “pretty lady” approaches to winking are particularly unacceptable, and worsened when administered by strangers.

01. Outmoded chivalry – I don’t mind having a door opened for me when the person opening it is already ahead, or even just closer to the handle; I do mind, however, when it involves someone scurrying past me to do so and a noble stance being adopted in the process.



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2 responses to “Feminist Irritations – Additions Welcome

  1. Good list! Mine would be:
    5. Women who complain about wearing heels (there is a very easy answer – don’t wear them!)

    4. The prefix ‘man-‘, as in ‘man-whore’

    3. The media coverage of the Corpus Christi Universtity Challenge Team, which basically revolved around the fact that a woman knew some answers

    2. The gendered section of The Times (which times exactly? The 1700s?)

    1. The pinkification of anything which features a woman, done to belittle their achievement – e.g. the fact that modern women authors’ books are often packaged in bright pink, automatically precluding their being taken seriously as Canonical Literature. And don’t even get me started on chick lit..

  2. jean pierre

    oh dear… them winks really are urgh! theres no other word for it…

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