And the shapes

Tonight’s tardy Tapes on Tuesday is a late jumping aimed at the Micachu bandwagon. Having released the new album ‘Jewellery’ on Rough Trade this week, Micachu (not the humbler variety of Pokemon, but the moniker of Mica Levi) has attracted the lavishings of the blogosphere for her efforts in front of and behind the mixing desk. ‘Jewellery’ looks set to set her as the ramshackle rough-diamond cockney gemstone in the best breast-brooch of the blogosphere for this coming season, with tracks like ‘Lips’ providing stuttery, samply, ukelele football chant that sounds like a folk band covering Foals with wickedly inappropriate joie de vivre. Anything but cynical, songs like ‘Wrong’ and ‘Guts’ draw liberally from grime and math-rock (that notoriously humourless genre of devasating levels of self-involvement and asymmetric hair), yet manage to make the end result something quite exuberant and triumphantly inconsequential.

Lyrically, the record strays into the half-arsed at times (‘walk into the future/you’re controlled by your computer’), but when you’ve got the excitement of sampled distorted guitars, mad-banging beats, and youthful exuberance ushering you away on a cascade of bleepy gameboy noises, the last thing you can complain about is a convenient rhyme.

‘Jewellery’ is proof that the DIY punk aesthetic is back and being crafted out of air by girls in their mid-twenties from their bedrooms. Best buy the record and crank it up to ten.


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