Blood Bank

Bon Iver released Blood Bank on January 20th following last year’s For Emma, Forever Ago.  Quite frankly, I don’t understand this EP and I don’t wish to try.  It vacillates between nonsensical piano and what may only be described as an incomprehensible tribute to Boyz II Men’s torturous rendition of Smoky Robinson‘s ‘Tracks of My Tears’ minced through dysfunctional vocal software while somebody recorded the screams of a victim on the rack behind the band.  This is only slightly unjust with respect to ‘Beach Baby’ which without the flu-ridden slide guitar could quite comfortably have been tagged on to the chilling For Emma, Forever Ago which I love.  If you have any sense, buy the album instead because you will be able to listen  to it comfortably more than (almost) once, and it won’t feel like blood-letting in the process.



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