I don’t know where to begin…

…perhaps with my (some old, some new) year’s resolutions:

1. Eat sherbert far more regularly, and update this blog.

2. Succesfully conquer the Norton Shakespeare including Cohen, Greenblatt, and Howard’s painstaking introductions (Maus is exempt) and Timon of Athens.  Anything made popular by Wilson-Knight is possibly not worth reading.

3. Keep up with the endless flow of mixtapes in the pipeline.

4. Play more Scrabble, by which I mean to win more games.

5. Master the soufflé and not make quite as many muffins.

6. Eagerly await another gem from Regina Spektor.

7. Find a French cellist to teach me French and/or to play the cello, or even…

8. Brush up on my Spanish conversation with real people instead of just talking to myself in Spanish whilst in the shower  as an interlude to the singing.

9. Read the Financial Times every week.

10.  Make a wish when my bracelet falls off.

And to follow, my Top Ten Tracks of 2009…


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