Hello world!

My new year’s resolutions for 2009:

1. Get this blog up and running

2. Actually finish books instead of abandoning them halfway through to check Facebook/fall asleep on the train/sniff my hair and then forgetting what has happened in them and have to go back and start them again

3. Reply to people’s messages within a decent timeframe instead of receiving them, thinking about replying, then checking Facebook/falling asleep on the train/sniffing hair instead

4. Stop sniffing hair

5. Be a better vegetarian – i.e. eat less cheese, more fruit, and stop wearing leather

6. Write more letters (to friends; probably write fewer to Marks and Spencer’s)

7. Follow up on my various entrepreneurial schemes

8. Keep making implausible amounts of effort for fancy dress parties

9. Learn to play chess. Or Boggle

10. Use my sewing machine


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